Alexa Dow: Record Breaker to NC State Bound

In the world of athletics, 2023 was a monumental year for Alexa Dow. Breaking records, representing Team Canada, and competing in high-performance races, Dow's achievements not only propelled her career but also solidified her belief in herself. In an exclusive interview, she shares her journey from standout performances to committing to North Carolina State University (NC State) to pursue her collegiate athletic career.

Personal Bests

800m: 2:06.98

1500m: 4:18.64

Career Accolades

BC Provincial Record Holder - U16 800m, 1200m, 1500m & U18 1500m

BC High School Junior Girls Record Holder - 800m & 1500m

2022 & 2023 BC High School Gold - 800m & 1500m

2023 Canadian Nationals U20 Silver - 800m

2023 Youth Commonwealth Games - 800m (7th) & 1500m (5th)

2023 BC High School Senior Girls XC Gold

2023 BC Provincial U18 XC Silver

2023 Canadian XC Nationals U18 Silver

2022 BC High School Junior Girls Gold

For those who may not be familiar, NC State's track team boasts a rich legacy of success. Led by head coach Laurie Henes and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities at the Paul Derr Track and Field Facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, the team competes in the esteemed Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). NC State consistently nurtures top-tier athletes who shine both individually and as part of a cohesive team unit. With a culture anchored in teamwork, dedication, and inclusivity, NC State provides student-athletes with a unique platform to refine their skills and realize their full potential, a tradition that has seen the emergence of numerous conference champions, All-Americans, and Olympic-level athletes over the years. 

Reflecting on her extraordinary season, Alexa Dow expresses gratitude for the opportunities that came her way. "My 2023 season was undeniably one in which many of my dreams came true," she begins. "Representing Team Canada at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Trinidad was truly life-changing, and breaking the provincial U18 1500m record was a goal I had really pursued." Despite narrowly missing out on breaking the 800m record, Dow's consistent performances caught the attention of college coaches. "I believe the coaches who recruited me were particularly impressed by my 1500m times and the fact that I consistently ran under 2:08 for the 800m," she explains.

The recruiting process, albeit starting early for Dow as a Grade 11 athlete, was a thoughtful and extensive journey. "Coaches started reaching out to me about 8 months ago," she reveals. Conversations initiated through Instagram direct messages eventually led to numerous Zoom calls and texts. Dow approached the process with an open mind, seeking the best fit for her future. "After talking with about 20 coaches, I was able to get a clearer idea of which schools I was most interested in," she recalls. NC State, with its impressive program and welcoming atmosphere, stood out among the rest.

"NC State was my first [official visit]," Dow recounts. "I already knew that I really clicked with Coach Henes in our conversations, and, obviously, she's an incredible coach, so I went knowing I would probably really like it." Beyond the picturesque campus and top-notch facilities, it was the sense of belonging and camaraderie that resonated with Dow. "The team dynamics really stood out as being special," she says. "The girls on the team are really fun, and you can tell that they love being there and that they have a great time running together and hanging out."