Senior Spotlight: Jordyn Reed is taking her talent to UPenn!

While Jordyn Reed's high school track and field career at Crofton House is coming to an end, the senior is looking forward to taking her talents to the Ivy League, where she will compete for the University of Pennsylvania

I caught up with Reed about how she got her start in both running and jumping, her journey to UPenn and what she aims to accomplish this 2023 season.

Personal Bests

100m: 12.03

200m: 25.52

Long Jump: 5.38m

Triple Jump: 11.10m

Career Accolades

2022 BC HS 100m Silver, Long Jump Silver, Triple Jump Bronze

2022 BC Jamboree 100m Gold, 200m Silver, Triple Jump Bronze

Team BC - U20 Nationals & Legion Nationals

Reed has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember. From a young age she played soccer and tennis, but started track and field in Grade 3. As the years went by she started to focus more on both the sprinting and jumping events, finding herself both as a person and athlete along the way.

"It was initially hard to build a foundation for myself as an athlete who moved from track club to track club, before I finally found a training group that clicked for me. When you find the right coach and when you train with likeminded people, it makes a major impact on your performance, and I became a better athlete and individual because of it. Especially in my early high school years, after transitioning schools to Crofton House, I was able to build my confidence and self-esteem."

As she progressed through the sport, which came with a lot of ups, Reed also learned quickly that things don't always go as planned, but there are always lessons to be learned.

"Last year I went to Legion Nationals as part of Team BC and... it was one of the worst performances I have ever had. So much went wrong. However, this is a memory I will always cherish because I was part of a team. I was able to meet so many amazing people, athletes and just watching my teammates give it everything they had on the track was a great experience to be a part of. I really got a sense for the sport as a whole and the event gave me insight into university track, just being part of a high level team and traveling alone."

With the start of her freshman year soon approaching, Reed will be heading to the University of Pennsylvania this fall, where she will be repping the red and blue.

"I always knew I wanted to compete collegiately. In Grade 10, I started doing my research on schools and in Grade 11 I started chatting with some coaches. I ended up going on an official visit to UPenn and fell in love. The campus and facilities are amazing, and I connected with the coach, and she sees potential in me and has a lot of similar traits to my current coach. Aside from track, the school has an amazing business program, so really, UPenn has a great combination and everything I am looking for."

But for now, Reed is focused on finishing up her senior track and field season with Crofton House. Last year Crofton won the Senior Girls Aggregate at the BC High School Track and Field Championships with a lot of points coming from Reed, who was the silver medalist in both the 100m and long jump and bronze medalist in the triple jump. 

"Crofton is a great school with a lot of athletes. We are all about teamwork and leadership and we all just work well as a team."

Reed and Crofton will be looking to do something special again at the upcoming BC High School Championships and with that Reed looks to set some big personal bests.

"I hope to break 12 seconds in the 100m. I write my goals down on sticky notes and have 11.9 written down everywhere so that I can visualize that goal everyday. Other than that, during the summer season I hope to make Team BC for nationals and win the U20 title in the 100m and 200m at club provincials."

With that Reed leaves us with a few final words: "Dedication is key. Never give up on yourself. Throughout my track career there have been many ups and downs. Lots of wins but also losses. Even though I get frustrated with myself sometimes, I remind myself of my goals and the real reason I'm in the sport - because of my genuine passion for it. If you have a dream, follow it, even if it seems impossible. I never thought I would be going to a Division I school, but here I am."